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TwentyFour Brand

TwentyFour is a clothing brand founded by Josh Llewellyn-Jones OBE. It's not just a logo on a pair of socks though. It's a community. It's a lifestyle. It's a mindset.

Josh is known for completing TwentyFour hour challenges to raise money and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. A disease he has himself.

Through his challenges he's also experienced the highs and lows of mental health.

Wanting to create a positive community of like-minded individuals to help each other through whatever life throws at them, he started 'TwentyFour'.

The concept of the TwentyFour mindset is simple yet effective - Whatever your goals, ambitions or even your problems are in life, just focus on being the best you can be for the next TwentyFour hours.

One day at a time. One step at time.